We are looking for start-ups and innovative companies with whom to collaborate to respond to the Gmp's challenges in real estate and create value-added products and services for the clients.

What is Gmp?

Gmp is a real estate group that has followed a solid property development strategy since its very foundation in 1979, specializing in the segment of high-end offices and business parks in Madrid.

Currently, the Company owns 22 office buildings of 450.000 square metres and more than 4.600 parking spaces, besides additional surface of 51.000 square metres for future developments.

Clear focus, innovation, customer centricity and solid expertise in the sector of real estate have allowed Gmp to position itself as one of the leading companies in the Spanish market.

What is Gmp horizon?

Innovation has always been part of the Gmp’s DNA, representing a strategic value that aims to anticipate market trends and offer value-added services to the corporate clients and the end users of its buildings.

In accordance with this strategic vision of the Company, Gmp has launched Gmp horizon: an open innovation program aimed at collaborating with innovative companies and start-ups in development of pilot projects in order to implement the solutions that could solve the Company’s challenges in the real estate sector and generate impact on its business and clients.

What do we offer to selected candidates?



Development and launch of a pilot project in collaboration with Gmp in order to implement and test the selected solution in a real relevant environment



Potential financing provided by Gmp for development and launch of a pilot project in order to test the solution in the market



Access to resources, infrastructure and expertise of the experts from Gmp, necessary for further development of a pilot project



Opportunity to establish solid long-term business relationship with Gmp, one of the leaders in real estate

Challenge 1

Healthy and Secure Buildings

How could we redesign the management and services of our office buildings to enhance health and safety of their users in the face of the new reality imposed by COVID-19?

Challenge 1

Healthy and Secure Buildings

How could we redesign the management and services of our office buildings to enhance health and safety of their users in the face of the new reality imposed by COVID-19?

Challenge 2

Efficient Car Park Management

How could we increase the efficiency of the car park management model in our office buildings to optimise the use of the car park spaces and improve the user experience?

Who can participate?

Companies with a well-established product in the market, aiming at expanding their business into the real estate sector and reaching a larger audience.

Companies and start-ups with a product tested in the market and a regular client’s portfolio.

Start-ups with a tested MVP or a recently marketed product, looking for partners and alliances in order to grow their business.

What are we looking for?

Solutions that are at an advanced stage of maturity and have been tested at least as an MVP in a relevant environment.

Solutions that are flexible and scalable, and can be applied in the real estate industry as well as adapt to the Gmp’s needs associated with the proposed challenge.

Solutions that partially or totally solve the respective challenge, contributing a differential value through an innovative or disruptive approach.

The application period has closed. Stay tuned to find out which companies will present at the Pitching Day!

Key dates



We open the call for all those companies and start-ups that want to present their solutions for the challenges of the program.


JULY 15*

We close the application period and begin to evaluate the projects received with our panel of experts from Gmp.



We announce the results of evaluations and communicate the next steps to the companies and start-ups who pass to the following phase of the program.



We organize a special event where the pre-selected companies and start-ups will present their solutions and potential pilot projects to the Gmp experts who will then select the most relevant solutions for future implementation.



We begin to validate the solutions selected for both challenges in the pilot proyects that are estimated to last 3 months.

*Dates are subject to change



The results of the pilot projects are presented to the Gmp Board of Directors who will assess the posibility to implement the validated solutions within the Company in the future.