We are looking for start-ups and innovative companies with whom to collaborate to respond to the Gmp's challenges in real estate and create value-added products and services for the clients.

What is Gmp?

Gmp is a real estate group that has followed a solid property development strategy since its very foundation in 1979, specializing in the segment of high-end offices and business parks in Madrid.

Currently, the Company owns 22 office buildings of 450.000 square meters and more than 4.600 parking spaces, besides additional surface of 51.000 square meters for future developments.

Clear focus, innovation, customer centricity and solid expertise in the sector of real estate have allowed Gmp to position itself as one of the leading companies in the Spanish market.

What is Gmp horizon?

Innovation has always been part of the Gmp’s DNA, representing a strategic value that aims to anticipate market trends and offer value-added services to the corporate clients and the end users of its buildings.

In accordance with this strategic vision of the Company, Gmp has launched Gmp horizon: an open innovation program aimed at collaborating with innovative companies and start-ups in development of pilot projects in order to implement the solutions that could solve the Company’s challenges in the real estate sector and generate impact on its business and clients.

The 2020 call is over and we are now working on pilot projects with the selected companies. If you wish to participate in our future editions, please complete the following form and we will keep you informed of the new challenges