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The requirements for participation in Gmp horizon are detailed in the Terms and Conditions of the Gmp horizon program available on this website.

The Gmp horizon challenges are open for companies and start-ups from any technology area. The only requirement in this respect is that the solution proposed by the company/start-up can solve the corresponding open challenge.

Yes! You can submit as many solutions as you wish, as long as they could solve the respective challenge.

The companies and start-ups interested in participation in the initiative must register and submit their proposal via the Gmp horizon website.

In particular, in order to participate, you must create your user account and complete the required fields in the application form, attaching any necessary materials and documents.

All the information submitted by the participants must be real and correct. In addition, the solutions proposed must be exclusive intellectual property of the company/start-up participating in the initiative and, therefore, protected by the respective intellectual property legal rights.

The applications to the initiative can be submitted either in Spanish or in English. 

Yes! Gmp horizon seeks to collaborate with companies and start-ups from any part of the world, as long as they can propose a relevant solution to the open challenges.


The selection process is conducted by the Gmp Decision-Making Committee composed of the members of the Board of Directors, the Innovation Management and the involved business units of Gmp.

The selection process proceeds in three phases:

  • Judges: the panel of Judges from Gmp selects 10* best solutions out of all the applications received for the challenge.
  • Individual interviews: the Gmp horizon Team and the expert from Gmp conduct individual interviews with the companies/start-ups that have proposed the 10* best solutions, and select 5* of them for further participation in the Pitching Day.
  • Pitching Day: the 5* pre-selected companies/start-ups present their solutions and possible pilot projects to the Gmp Decision-Making Committee. Based on the results of the Day, the Committee selects a company/start-up with whom to negotiate a pilot opportunity (one company/start-up per challenge).

*Numbers are subject to change.

It is essential that at least one representative per each pre-selected company/start-up attends the Pitching Day. Although pre-selected, the companies/start-ups that do not attend the Pitching Day may be immediately disqualified by the Gmp Evaluation Committee.

If you are pre-selected but cannot attend the Pitching Day for a considerable reason, you must notify the Gmp horizon team in advance.

The pre-selected companies/start-ups are in charge of all the costs associated with their attendance at the Pitching Day event.

Based on the results of the Pitching Day, the Gmp Evaluation Committee selects only one company/start-up per each challenge for further negotiation of a pilot opportunity.


Once the Pitching Day is over and one solution is selected per each challenge, the respective company/start-up and the involved business unit of Gmp will start the negotiation in order to define the conditions of a future pilot project development and launch.

In particular, all the required information, data, human and material resources, as well as the scope of a pilot project are to be defined at this stage of the initiative. The Gmp’s business unit responsible for the respective challenge will be in charge of the costs related to the development and launch of the pilot project.

A selected company/start-up will receive financial support from the Gmp’s business unit responsible for the respective challenge in order to cover the costs related to the development and launch of the pilot project.

The solutions proposed for the initiative will remain the exclusive property of the participants.

All the legal conditions related to intellectual and industrial property rights over the pilot projects will be discussed between the selected company/start-up and Gmp during the negotiation phase of the Program.

Please find more information about the intellectual and industrial property rights in the Terms and Conditions of the Gmp horizon program.

As Gmp horizon is not designed as an acceleration program, it does not provide a physical space for a pilot project development to a selected company/start-up. However, the need for a physical space will be subject to negotiation with the Gmp’s business unit responsible for the respective challenge while evaluating the needs of the pilot project.

Upon the selection of one company/start-up per each challenge, the Gmp’s business unit responsible for the respective challenge will inform the team members of such company/start-up of the procedures that have to be undertaken in Madrid, including the need for their physical presence in the Spanish capital for the development of a pilot project.