Challenge 2

Efficient Car Park Management

How could we increase the efficiency of the car park management model in our office buildings to optimise the use of the car park spaces and improve the user experience?


As one of Spain’s leading property development groups, Gmp currently has 4,615 parking spaces. Its tenants include both the tenants of the offices and business parks which have parking spaces linked to their leasing contracts and external users who do not work in the Gmp’s buildings.

To efficiently manage the parking spaces, the Company uses various types of parking tariffs – fixed, flexible, night, etc. – which are adjusted to the needs of different types of customers.

However, the current management model does not allow to use the car park spaces at their full capacity, given that the demand for parking spaces is very high and there is no mechanism for self-management or monitoring of their availability by the user.



To increase the level of customer satisfaction, offering them a greater control over the use of their parking spaces through a flexible and safe service


To facilitate the management of the parking spaces with a system that allows to obtain suggestions on how to improve the use of the spaces


To optimise the use of the parking spaces, maximizing the number of spaces available at every given moment

Use cases

Systems and tools that allow to store and analyse the car park occupancy data in order to measure the effectiveness of their management and optimise the use of their space:

Adjust the tariffs and the allocation of places to the tenants

Control the occupation of the parking spaces to ensure compliance with the health and safety regulations for users

Diversify the use of the existing parking spaces and the car park spaces in new developments to respond to new user demands for electric vehicles, shared mobility, etc

Avoide the queues at the entrance and/or inside the car park, etc.

Multifunctional self-management solutions that can adapt to the specific needs of each client:

Identify the available parking spaces according to their occupation at any given time

Reserve places for personal or visitor use

Adjust the rent of parking spaces according to the changes in the number of tenants and/or in the number of a car registration plate

Change the type of a parking tariff (fixed, flexible, night, etc.)

Main requirements

Assignment of permission levels, so that Gmp can approve customer requests, if necessary.

Integration with Gmp’s current billing platform (EFlow) to avoid manual billing processes.

Connection to the car park management system implemented, for example Equinsa, among others.

Ability to adapt and overcome the network coverage limitations.

Provision of preventive measures against subleasing and other legal limitations on the use of parking spaces.

Requerimientos principales

Ability to take the necessary actions in the case of an excess of vehicles of one client (to process bills, to bill at various rates, to detain the vehicle, etc.).

Ability to foresee that the number of rentable places is fewer than the number of physical places (some places are unavailable for rent because of their size, assignment to the disabled, etc.).

Maintenance and assistance service that allow to respond immediately in the case of an accident or a failure.

The applications for this challenge are closed and we are already working on a pilot project with the winner.
Stay tuned for the program updates and contact us if you have a solution that could help solve other real estate challenges.
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What do we offer to selected candidates?



Development and launch of a pilot project in collaboration with Gmp in order to implement and test the selected solution in a real relevant environment



Potential financing provided by Gmp for development and launch of a pilot project in order to test the solution in the market



Access to resources, infrastructure and expertise of the experts from Gmp, necessary for further development of a pilot project



Opportunity to establish solid long-term business relationship with Gmp, one of the leaders in real estate

Key dates



We open the call for all those companies and start-ups that want to present their solutions for the challenges of the program.


JULY 15*

We close the application period and begin to evaluate the projects received with our panel of experts from Gmp.



We announce the results of evaluations and communicate the next steps to the companies and start-ups who pass to the following phase of the program.



We organize a special event where the pre-selected companies and start-ups will present their solutions and potential pilot projects to the Gmp experts who will then select the most relevant solutions for future implementation.



We begin to validate the solutions selected for both challenges in the pilot proyects that are estimated to last 3 months.

Dates are subject to change



The results of the pilot projects are presented to the Gmp Board of Directors who will assess the posibility to implement the validated solutions within the Company in the future.